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10 Things To Ask When Taking A Digital Photo

Befriend your subject
How do you get portrait travel shots in foreign countries? If there’s one guideline that stands out – its befriend your subject! It may be as simple as a smile and take just a few seconds. It may take half an hour chatting about families and sharing images. It could take a few days. But earning the trust and respect of your subject is a key to many successful travel portraits.

Good design – using/misusing red
Red is a powerful colour. Sometimes it can be overpowering. A trap many beginners fall into is to overuse red with closeups of a large red flower. Technically, many sensors have trouble separating the red tones. And aesthetically the viewer is often overwhelmed by so much red. Make sure that unimportant items are not coloured red as they will be a distraction. For example red lips are attractive; red faces are unattractive unless you’re a parrot! And there are also some photographers who break the rules and produce a ‘hero’ shot – see David Curtis** See http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5997894

Creative blur using flash
Slow Synch Flash is a great way to introduce creative blur into your image. Most DSLR cameras work best in M or S(Tv) modes. Shoot at least 30 mins after sunset. With and without a tripod produce different results. Front curtain synch = blur in front of moving subject. Rear curtain synch = blur behind moving subject. (If you own a simple compact camera you can still do it – switch to night portrait mode).


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