Competition Definitions

Digital SFX

Creative or experimental photographs display a novel effect because of an unusual combination of objects and/or unusual viewpoint. Photographs in which the images have been modified during or after exposure by using an experimental technique are also eligible in Creative/Experimental sections. The photograph must always have a basic photographic image. Digital manipulation processes may be employed providing the original photograph was exposed by the entrant.

People Portraiture

Image of a person or persons only (Animals or Pets not to be the subject matter). May be a group, full body shot, head and shoulders type closeup.

Close Up

As the subject suggests, an image of any subject at very close range showing its detail.


Any subject. May be digitally manipulated.

Black & White

Image that consists of black and white only (obviously the black will have shades of gray as the tone changes). No other colours may be present in the image.


An image of any building or structure. Try emphasizing shape and texture to add interest.


Any picture of an animal. Look for a situation that adds interest and impact to the final image.