Mark Jones SSVAPS

I have been taking photographs for the last 25 years. I started where most do with a basic instamatic, and then progressed to SLR film cameras, with Ricoh and Pentax Models. I eventually settled on Canon and continued until I discovered Canons Digital SLR range.
I currently teach photography basics part time at a community level, and get great enjoyment from seeing people get more from their photography by learning what it is about, and how to apply it. I personally enjoy different subjects, including Landscape, Sports, Low Light, Nature, Infra-Red and now more recently Underwater photography.
I have published 2 online books, Britain in Ruins and Underwater Photography on the Mornington Peninsula, which show case some of my works. I have had success in National and International Photographic competitions, gaining acceptances in their exhibitions and I would recommend to anyone to give it a go to gain the experience. I am far from the perfect photographer, and I will continue to learn as I grow old. Even the best photographers were once amateurs that knew little or nothing about the subject. I encourage people to ask questions and learn by applying the knowledge gained, because that is how all photographers become better.