2011 Outings



We are just back from our trip to Echuca and a great time was had by all. We met up around midday on the Saturday and spent our time touring the town and meeting some of the local characters, viewing some of the local real estate, inspecting the transport system, went for a walk in the woods and howled at the moon. A very good time was had by all.


Mill Valley Ranch

Our April outing to Mill Valley Ranch was led by Pauline Preston and was very successful. There were plenty of things to photograph including lots of old stuff and a few horses obviously interested at all the goings on.

The ranch centered on a main town square, but had some unusual accommodation for its residents
Clinton Plowman brought along a couple of models to Mill Valley which helped to provide an added interest to the outing.
Many people have expressed how they would have liked more time in front of the models and we will certainly be looking into how we can organise that into a future outing.

Everyone had a great time and wished the trip could have been longer. We will have to mark this location down for another visit in the future. There were also lots of opportunities to try something different


City Walk

Tuesday the 24th May 2011 saw a number of hardy souls meet up on Princess Bridge in the city for our
City Walk outing. The outing commenced a little inauspiciously with heavy rain all day
continuing into the early evening, a lengthy traffic jam leading into the city and some unfortunate equipment failures.
The walk was being led by Ewan Arnolda and we set off from Princess Bridge back towards the
station where the hustle and bustle of city life could be clearly seen.
We then headed off down the steps by Princes bridge to the riverside walkway on the station side
of the river. The rain continued to dog our photographic attempts as we learned to shelter our
equipment and wipe our lenses before every shot. Many a good image was spoiled by rain blobs
on the lens but our perseverance started to pay off when after half an hour the rain suddenly

We continued along the right hand bank and took the footbridge over the Yarra. With the drying
conditions our success rate and enjoyment of the evening started to improve rapidly.

This side of the river was much more conducive to taking in the lights of the city and we took
time to explore the many photographic opportunities being presented

The outing ended with a walk back to the sailing clubs where many club members had parked
their cars. Despite the weather, everyone had a very good time and some excellent images were
produce. Our thanks goes out to Ewan for leading this outing.



On Sunday the 3rd of July, several hardy soles turned up in the early hours of the morning for a
vigorous walk to the Pinnacles at Philip Island. The group arrived at the pinnacles in plenty of
time to see the sunrise and Graham further enhanced the outing by arranging for a rainbow to
appear just as interest was starting to wane. A great time was had by all.


Rhododendron Gardens

Sunday the 2nd October saw our outing to the Olinda Rhodedendron Gardens led by Graeme Maxwell. We had about 12 club members in attendance who all enjoyed the colour and splendor of what the gardens had to offer. We met by the small lake just below the entrance and cafeteria before setting off around the gardens themselves. Many colourful blooms were in evidence but unfortunately the cherry blossoms had bloomed early this year after the warmer than early Spring weather. All in all, a great day was had by all. Click here for Photos



12th November 2011 Kilcunda Tressle bridge led by Mark

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Coal Creek

10th Dec 2011 - Coal Creek

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